Score and  Audio excerpts from select compositions:​

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Music  Compositions

Stellar Nebulae, 2018

String Orchestra

Loose Canon, 2017

Any three performers and Kyma digital sound system.

  • SPLICE 2018 Festival, Kalamazoo, MI, January 27, 2018. (world premiere)
  • BEAMS Festival, Waltham, MA, March 16, 2018.

A Strange Diversion (co-composed with Stephen Ruppenthal, 2017)

Buchla analog synthesizer and Kyma digital sound system.

  • Premiere: Don Buchla Memorial Concert, Gray Area / Grand Theater, San Francisco, CA, April 23, 2017.
  • VU 2 festival, Park City, Utah, July 18, 2017.
  • EM | 3 concert, Muncie, IN, February 6, 2018.
  • SEAMUS 2018, Eugene, OR, March 29, 2018.
  • Kyma International Sound Symposium [KISS 2018], Santa Cruz, CA, September 9, 2018.
  • EMS60 Festival, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, November 17, 2018.

Carla's Carousel, (co-composed with Virginie Viel), 2016

Live and pre-recorded sounds processed within Kyma by two performers using iPad controllers.

  • Premiere: Kyma International Sound Symposium [KISS 2016], Leicester, UK, September 2016.

Three by Five (brass quintet), 2016

    I. Two Short Fugues
   II. More Questions (Still Unanswered)
  III. Fugal Reflections

  • Hammer Theater, San Jose, CA, April 10, 2018. (world premiere)

Cross-Town Traffic 2.0 (co-composed with William Walker), 2015

Pre-recorded sound files (Hammond B3 organ and viola), with directed manipulation of the files by any number of performers using their smart phones or other mobile devices. Wm. Walker, principal performer; B. Belet, conductor.

  • Web Audio Conference [WAC 2016], Atlanta, GA, April 2016.
  • Premiere: SJSU, February 2016.

Textures, 2015

SoundProof (trumpet, violin, viola) and Kyma
Soundscape for film (Madison McClintock).

  • Premiere: Kyma International Sound Symposium [KISS 2015], Bozeman, MT, August 2015.

Language is (slithering) in no particular order, (co-composed with Stephen Ruppenthal), two voices and Kyma (2014).

  • Performance installation within 'Digital Poetry Exhibition' (part of the 'Studio 300 Exhibition'), BYTE Gallery, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY. Exhibition active throughout 2015-16.

Ion Trails (Cloud Chamber Storms), 2012

Percussion (large battery, one performer) and Kyma

Triple Pulsar, 2012

Violin, viola, flugehorn, and Kyma
Composed for and performed by SoundProof (15 Minutes of Fame concert set)

  • Fall 2012 concert tour, Ohio & Illinois

Tessellation Rag (co-composed with Stephen Ruppenthal), 2012 (rev. 2017)

Two voices and Kyma

Midnight Bass Stroll, 2012

Real-time processing of contrabass within Kyma.
Published on 60x60 2012 Pacific Rim MixVox Novus, 2013.

  • (Premiere) University Art Museum, California State University - Long Beach, CA, February 2014.

Distant Dream of Chapada Diamantina, 2012

Alto flute
Composed for Maria Carolina Cavalcanti (15 Minutes of Fame concert set)

  • New York, NY, February 2013.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, October 2012.

Summer Phantoms: Nocturne, 2011

Piano and electronics (Kyma processed piano sounds - fixed)
Commissioned by Jeri-Mae Astolfi. Published on her CD Here (and there) - Innova 846, 2013. Published on Kai Schumacher's CD Insomnia - SWR Music/Hänssler Classic (093.334.000), 2015.

  • "The Electroacoustic Piano" concert (Keith Kirchoff, piano), San Jose State University, CA, February 14, 2017.
  • Zeiss Planetarium, Bochum, Germany (Kai Schumacher, piano), February 20, 25, & 28, and March 3, & 6, 2016. 
  • International Computer Music Conference [ICMC 2014], Athens, Greece, September 2014.
  • Dr. Astolfi Midwest concert tours, January-February 2013 & April 2014.
  • Electronic Music Midwest festival [EMM 2013], Kansas City (Kari Johnson, piano), KS, October 2013.
  • New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, New York, NY (Andrea Lodge, piano), April 2013.
  • Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States 2013 National Conference [SEAMUS 2013], St. Paul, MN (Keith Kirchoff, piano), April 2013.
  • Keith Kirchoff concert tours (UK and US), February & April 2013.
  • Society of Composers, Inc. 2013 National Conference [SCI 2013], Columbus, OH, February 2013.

    Published reviews of Summer Phantoms: Nocturne:

'Brian Belet’s Summer Phantoms: Nocturne is a refreshing change of pace on the album. A blend of heavily-processed and synthetic sounds create a dynamic, surprising environment that sounds fresh. The varieties of texture and timbre, and the structural design are highly successful and sonically arresting. The work fully orchestrates the space, the spectrum, and the piano, and Astolfi aggressively makes the work her own.'
 - Tom Dempster, ‘Recording Reviews’ SEAMUS Newsletter, May/June 2013

'Summer Phantoms: Nocturne completely lives up to its name. The piece opens with deep, scary sounds, like the throwing of a knife in the dark or a large blade cutting through the air. Piano notes, often dissonant, add to the tenseness. The electronics here are particularly effective and atmospheric. The effects are genuinely chilling and not artificial or overly analytical. The piano weaves its line skillfully in and out between the electronics and the balance between the two sustains the tension.'
​ - Paul Muller, November 2013, Sequenza 21

Sea Lion Mix, 2009

Computer processed sea lion & human sounds

  • New Horizons Music Festival, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, October 2014.
  • Electronic Music Midwest festival, October 2010 [EMM 2010].

Remembering Allen, 2008

Computer processed voice
Composed for the Vox Novus '60x60' project, included on the 'Crimson Mix' (360 degrees of 60x60).

  • 2010 International Computer Music Conference [ICMC 2010], New York NY & Stony Brook, NY.

Name Droppings, 2008

Computer processed voices
Commissioned by the University of Illinois to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Electronic Music Studios at UIUC
Published on UIUC CD: In Celebration of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios (1958-2008), 2008.

  • Kaleidoscope concert, Hammer Theatre, San Jose, CA, October 2016
  • Getting Nowhere Festival, York, UK, November 2012
  • SEAMUS 2010
  • EMM 2009
  • SCI 2009 (in conjunction with the 2009 Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music)

System of Shadows, 2007

Trumpet & Flugelhorn and Kyma processing. Published on Flamethrower CD, Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet & flugelhorn. Ravelo Records (RR7954), 2017.

  • SCI (Region VIII) 2014
  • SoundProof concert tours, 2011 & 2012
  • ICMC 2010, New York
  • Kyma International Sound Symposium [KISS 2010], Vienna, Austria
  • SEAMUS 2009
  • EMM 2008

Pacific Rim: Three Preludes, 2006


  • Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, September 2006.

(Disturbed) Radiance, 2005

Piano and Kyma

  • SEAMUS 2006
  • EMM 2005

Drei Kinderstücke, 2004

Published: Chroma: New Music for PianoJeri-Mae Astolfi. Capstone Records (CPS-8810), 2008.

  • College Music Society 2008 national conference [CMS 2008]
  • Vántus István Kortárszenei Napok music festival, Szeged, Hungary, November 2007.

Lyra, 2002

Violin and Kyma
Published: Ghost Strings, Patricia Strange, violin. IMG Media, CD-02-01, 2006.

  • SoundProof concert tours, 2011 & 2012
  • SEAMUS 2003
  • Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival 2003
  • EMM 2003
  • ICMC 2003, Singapore, September 2003.

Roundabout: Four Canons and Something Else, 2000

Percussion ensemble (9 performers)
Score published: Warner Brothers Publications / Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp., 2002.

  • Several US performances.

Still Harmless [BASS]ically, 2000

Electric bass and Kyma

  • SoundProof concert tours, 2011 & 2012
  • E-A Barn Dance 2011
  • EMM 2002
  • Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival 2001
  • concerts throughout the US and UK.

difference (no doubt it queues) -and- 
an abstract (difference (queues)), 1997

computer-processed voice
Published: The Frog Peak Collaborations Project, a double audio CD international compilation of 115 short compositions on a sound text by Australian sound poet Chris Mann, Frog Peak Music, FP007 (1998).

  • Radio and live concerts in the US, Argentina, and Finland.

[MUTE]ation, 1994

computer-processed trombone mute sounds
Published: Music from the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music, Consortium to Distribute Computer Music CD series, Volume 26, Centaur Records, CRC 2404 (1998).

  • Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival 1999
  • ICMC 1996, Hong Kong, August 1996.
  • plus numerous radio and live concerts in the US, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, and Luxembourg.

Refraction: Three Gestural Reflections, 1992

trombone quartet, 1992
Score published by International Trombone Association Press (distributed by Southern Music Company).

  • CMS 1993
  • plus numerous US performances (most recently at San Jose State University, April 2015).

Four Proportional Preludes, 1991

piano, 1991
Published: SCI CD No. 11: Chamber WorksJanis Mercer, piano. Capstone Records, CPS-8651 (1998).
Score published in SCI Journal of Music Scores, Vol. 24, European American Music/C.F. Peters, (1998).

  • concerts in Arizona, California, Florida, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Japan.

List of Compositions

Ion Trails (Cloud Chamber Storms) (percussion & Kyma, 2012)

  • Program Note & Performance Notes
  • Score (pp. 1-4)
  • Audio excerpt (4.40)
    Andrew Spencer, percussion (SJSU, Nov. 2015)

Sea Lion Mix (computer processed seal lion sounds and voices, 2009)

  • Audio excerpt only (1.13 - no score)

Name Droppings (computer processed voices, 2008)

  • Audio excerpt only (1.21 - no score) 
    ​√ - published (see below)
System of Shadows (trumpet, flugelhorn, & Kyma, 2007)

 Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet & flugelhorn

 1 - Aurora Borealis

  • Score (first two pages)
  • Audio excerpt (2.50)

2 - Andromeda’s Dream

  • Score (first page)
  • Audio excerpt (2.06)

3 - Zephyr Apparition

  • Score (first page)
  • Audio excerpt (1.11)
Pacific Rim: Three Preludes (piano, 2006)

1 - Zephyr

  • Score (first two pages)
  • Audio excerpt (0.47)

2 - Beyond the Curtain

  • Score (first page)
  • Audio excerpt (0.58)

3 - Earth Dance

  • Score (first page)
  • Audio excerpt (0.21)

Lyra (violin & Kyma, 2002)

Patricia Strange, violin

  • Score (first three pages)
  • Audio excerpt (2.50)
    ​​√ - published (see below)

  • MidnightBassStroll1:00
  • Summer Phantoms: Nocturne (audio excerpt)2:17
  • Ion Trails... (audio excerpt)4:45
  • Sea Lion Mix (audio excerpt)1:12
  • Name Droppings (audio excerpt)1:21
  • 'Aurora Borealis' (audio excerpt)2:49
  • 'Andromeda's Dream' (audio excerpt)2:06
  • 'Zephyr Apparition' (audio excerpt)1:11
  • 'Zephyr' (audio excerpt)0:46
  • 'Beyond the Curtain' (audio excerpt)0:58
  • 'Earth Dance' (audio excerpt)0:20
  • Lyra (audio excerpt)2:49
  • All compositions licensed through Broadcast Music, Inc. [BMI]

  • Compositions listed in reverse chronological order, with more significant performances cited.


Composer - Performer - Sound Designer

A Strange Diversion (Buchla & Kyma, 2017)
co-composed with Stephen Ruppenthal

  • Live performance video: KISS 2018, Santa Cruz, CA, September 9, 2018.

Distant Dream of Chapada Diamantina (alto flute, 2012)

  •  Score
  •  Audio (1.00) -  link to VoxNovus concert video (at time 5.44)
    'Composers Voice' concert, New York, NY, 10 February 2013
    ​​​15 Minutes of Fame, Maria Carolina Cavalcanti, alto flute

Midnight Bass Stroll (real-time processed contrabass, 2012)

  • Audio (1.00), performed by the composer​
    ​√ - published (see below)

Summer Phantoms: Nocturne (piano & electronics, 2011)

  • Score (first two pages)
  • Audio excerpt (2.18)
  • Jeri-Mae Astolfi, piano
    ​​√ - published (see below)

Capybara-320 DSP engine, and the Pacarana DSP hardware accelerator, which work in conjunction with the Kyma software sound design environment. Symbolic Sound Corporation.

Brian Belet

Please contact me at  if you are interested in performing
​or programming any of these works.

YouTube performance link.
New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, April 2013
Andrea Lodge, piano