Rehearsing Carla's Carousel with Virginie Viel; & performing with the Emergent Ensemble.

L-R: B. Belet  & Bill Walker at IRCAM

KISS 2015 photos by Belinda Carr, official symposium photographic artist.

Dick Robinson, Bill Walker, & B Belet
(after supper pose), Decatur, GA - April 6, 2016

Web Audio Conference [WAC 2015] - IRCAM & Mozilla
Paris, France, January 2015

Stephen Ruppenthal, flugelhorn (& trumpet)
performing System of Shadows at SEAMUS 2009

'Stephen Ruppenthal'
  painting by Marianne Bickett​

​ © 2009 Marinne Bickett, All Rights Reserved

Photo Gallery

A  collection of photos from my music world ....

Web Audio Conference 2016
Atlanta, GA - April 2016

Patricia Strange, violin

'Straight, No Chaser' jazz quartet, ca. 1986, Spearfish, South Dakota
(L-R) Bob Moye, B. Belet, Jim Cargill, Janeen Larsen​

J. Harrison's 1736 clock H1 (still running), Greenwich; & Leicester at sunset.

Summer Jam at Kenny Putnam's house, Rapid City, SD June 2011.

Darcy Kuronen (piano), B. Belet (bass), Kenny Putnam (fiddle).

A grand time when long-time friends reunite in this way.

Photo Gallery

Janis Mercer (taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture of me taking a picture of her ...)
   Delta Juke Joint festival, Cleveland, Mississippi, 2009

Brian Belet

Lecture-Demo, KISS 2015. Explaining algorithms 
within Still Harmless [BASS]ically. August 2015.

Lonely ​Mountain​

Photo from the past.....
Lonely Mountain, my first rock band. Promo photo, circa 1971:

(Standing, L to R) - Denis DeBoer, lead vocals and keyboard; B. Belet (yes, that's me!), bass and vocals.

(Kneeling, L to R) - Steve Flaig, drums; Bruce Neubert, guitar.

A memory note -- These gentlemen were (and still are, I presume) top-notch musicians. Denis had front-man charisma and tore up the Hammond B3 organ. Bruce was a magician on guitar - he could play any style of the day, and his solos were brilliant. To this day, Steve is the finest rock drummer I have worked with.

A great deal of my musical aesthetic was formed while performing as a part of Lonely Mountain, and finding this photo on the web was a moment of fond nostalgia.

(L-R) B. Belet, Carla Scaletti, Kurt Hebel, Lippold Haken, 
Bill Walker, Kelly Fitz, & Andrew Horner​

Our British Airways 787 Dreamliner in San Jose;  & Marianne at the Greenwich Prime Meridian.

SoundProof supper at our rented house, Bozeman, MT. KISS 2015. August 2015. L-R: Belinda Carr, Pat Strange, & Stephen Ruppenthal

The 'Kyma Research Cadre' at ICMC 1991, 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Photo taken by unsuspecting passerby: 19 October 1991

Jim McManus and B. Belet hiking in the Swiss Alps, July 2003.

KISS 2015, Bozeman, MT - August 2015

Demonstrating Still Harmless [BASS]ically 
algorithms at KISS 2015.

View up to the Pompidou Centre from IRCAM's 
basement conference space.

IRCAM calendar (posted outside front door) listing the 
Int'l. Web Audio Conference, January 2015

KISS 2016, Leicester, UK - September 2016

Composer - Performer - Sound Designer