Pacific Rim

Three piano preludes:
   I. Zephyr
  II. Beyond the Curtain
 III. Earth Dance
Published on Contemporary Eclectic Music for the Piano, Vol. 15, Jeffrey Jacob, piano.
New Ariel Recordings, 2019.

Sufficient Trouble - audio CD, July 2017

New album containing ten computer-music compositions. Ravello Records (RR7969.
See "News" tab above for details. Also see the CD web site for the complete liner
notes and other information.

Midnight Bass Stroll

Real-time processing of contrabass within Kyma (performed by the composer).
Published on the 60x60 2012 Pacific Rim MixVox Novus, New York, NY, 2013.

Summer Phantoms: Nocturne

Piano and electronics (Kyma processed piano sounds)

1) Commissioned by Jeri-Mae Astolfi. Published on her CD Here (and there) - Innova 846, 2013.
2) Published on CD InsomniaKai Schumacher, pianist - SWR Music/Hänssler Classic 093.334.000, 2015.

Name Droppings

Computer processed voices
​Commissioned by the University of Illinois to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Electronic Music Studios at UIUC
Published on UIUC CD: In Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios (1958-2008), 2008.

System of Shadows

Trumpet & flugelhorn, and Kyma processing.
Published: Flamethrower, Stephen Ruppenthal, trumpet & flugelhorn. Ravello Records, 7954, 2017.

Drei Kinderstücke

Published: Chroma: New Music for PianoJeri-Mae Astolfi. Capstone Records (CPS-8810), 2008.


Violin and Kyma
Published: Ghost Strings, Patricia Strange, violin. IMG Media, CD-02-01, 2006.

Roundabout: Four Canons and Something Else

Percussion ensemble (9 performers)
Score published: Warner Brothers Publications / Belwin-Mills Publishing Corp., 2002.

difference (no doubt it queues)-and-an abstract (difference (queues))

computer-processed voice
Published: The Frog Peak Collaborations Project, a double audio CD international compilation of 115 short compositions on a sound text by Australian sound poet Chris Mann, Frog Peak Music,  FP007 (1998).


computer-processed trombone mute sounds
Published: Music from the Center for Research in Electro-Acoustic Music, Consortium to Distribute Computer Music CD series, Volume 26, Centaur Records CRC 2404 (1998).

Refraction: Three Gestural Reflections

trombone quartet, 1992
Score published by International Trombone Association Press (distributed by Warwick Music)

Four Proportional Preludes

piano, 1991
Published: SCI CD No. 11: Chamber Works, Janis Mercer, piano. Capstone Records,  CPS-8651 (1998).
Score published in SCI Journal of Music Scores, Vol. 24, European American Music/C.F. Peters, (1998).

 List of Publications

'Musique Concrète Choir: An Interactive Performance Environment for Any Number of People' (co-authored withWilliam Walker, PhD, Mozilla Corporation). Accepted for publication: Proceedings of the 2016 Web Audio Conference (Atlanta, GA, April 4-6, 2016). Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA.

'Birds of a Feather (Les Oiseaux de Même Plumage): Dynamic Soundscapes using Real-time Manipulation of Locally Relevant Birdsongs' (co-authored with William Walker, PhD, Mozilla Corporation). In Proceedings of the 2015 Web Audio Conference (Paris, France, January 26-28, 2015). IRCAM, Paris.

‘System of Shadows, an interactive performance environment for trumpet/flugelhorn and Kyma’ (co-authored with Stephen Ruppenthal, composer, Senior Director, SONY Corporation)
​Proceedings of the 2010 International Computer Music Conference (New York, NY), International Computer Music Association, 2010, pp. 34-40.

‘Theoretical and formal continuity in James Tenney’s music’
Contemporary Music Review, Vol. 27, No. 1, Routledge (London), February 2008, pp. 23-45.

‘Live performance interaction for humans and machines in the early twenty-first century: one composer's aesthetics for composition and performance practice’
Organised Sound, Vol. 8, No. 3, Cambridge University Press, December 2003, pp. 305-312.

‘Compositional and programming issues Within Lyra, a fully interactive performance environment for violin and Kyma’
Proceedings of the 2003 International Computer Music Conference (Singapore), International Computer Music Association, September 2003,
pp. 91-94.

‘Applying Improvisation Builder to Interactive Composition with MIDI Piano’ (co-authored with William Walker, Ph.D., Apple Computer/Xerox PARC)
Proceedings of the 1996 International Computer Music Conference (Hong Kong), International Computer Music Association, 1996, pp. 386-89.

‘Things You Need to Think About Before You Write Your Next Tape Piece: Discussion in the Style of a Medieval Dialog Between Two Contemporary Composers’ (co-authored with Jim McManus, DMA, Ohlone College)
Journal SEAMUS, Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States, Vol. 11, No. 2, November 1996, pp. 4-7.

‘Toward a unification of algorithmic composition, real-time software synthesis, and live performance interaction’
Proceedings of the 1992 International Computer Music Conference (San Jose, CA), International Computer Music Association, 1992, pp. 158-161.

‘Proportional recursive stochastic composition using COMP2, a Smalltalk-80 composition program within the Kyma digital synthesis system’
Proceedings of the 1991 International Computer Music Conference (Montreal, Canada), International Computer Music Association, 1991, pp. 513-516.

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