EMM = Electronic Music Midwest Festival
KISS = Kyma International Sound Symposium

Selections from commissioned ‘15 Minutes of Fame’ set, 2012. A series of fifteen one-minute compositions are performed in concert without significant pauses between works. Keeping with the ‘excerpt’ theme, the following seven miniatures present a taste of the set’s eclectic diversity.

Solifluction (Julius Bucsis)

roofproof (Bruce Hamilton)

Dry Wind (Elainie Lillios)

On the Brink of Comfort (Michael Wittgraf)

Texturologie 13: Plenum of Proof (James Caldwell)

Triple Pulsar (B. Belet

On the Clock #9 (Mark Soden, Jr.)

Recorded live in concert, EMM 2012, Lewis Univ., IL
​October 11, 2012

Stephen Ruppenthal

SoundProof was Ensemble-in-Residence for the 2015 Kyma International Sound Symposium [KISS 2015], hosted by Montana State University in Bozeman, MT, August 9-12, 2015. KISS 2015 information link.

​SoundProof premiered eight new collaborative works over the four-day symposium (full ensemble unless otherwise indicated):

Film sound tracks and real-time video realizations

Jon Bellona - #CarbonFeed  // Live Tweet visuals: Jon Bellona
B. Belet – Textures  //  Film: Madison McClintock
Joel Chadabe – Pairs  //  Film: Cindy Stillwell
Franz Danksagmüller – Decomposition (violin)  //  Film: Jim Joyce
Silvia Matheus – LINKS (trumpet, voice)     
Mark Phillips – Slow Glass Rush  //  Film: Theo Lipfert
Paul Turowski – Frontier  //  Interactive video game visuals: Paul Turowski
Michael Wittgraf - Road to Bozeman  //  Film: Catherine Mullen

See full KISS 2015 Program for details.

SoundProof Ensemble

  • Butterfly Mirrors, excerpt 1.431:44
  • Misty Magic Land, excerpt 3.283:28
  • Strange Strings..., excerpt 3.303:30
  • Solifluction1:00
  • roofproof1:01
  • Dry Wind1:02
  • On the Brink of Comfort0:58
  • Texturologie 13 ...0:59
  • Triple Pulsar1:10
  • On the Clock #91:02
  • Tessellation Rag, excerpt 1.061:06
  • Lyra, excerpt 2.292:29

Current News

Link to the SoundProof FaceBook page:
Moderated by Stephen Ruppenthal, this page includes more ensemble photos as well as comments by 'Friends' and other readers.

We really enjoyed your visit, lecture and performances! I got a lot of good comments from colleagues and students. I am interested in writing for you individually and as a group, and hope to be in touch with you at some point about this. Thanks for coming to CCM, and I wish you all the best! (2012)

Mara Helmuth, DMA.
Professor, College-Conservatory of Music
University of Cincinnati, Ohio


My sincere thanks to you and SoundProof for a fantastic visit! We enjoyed having you with us for an inspiring residency at BGSU. I appreciate all of you and look forward to our next visit. Thank you for thinking of me regarding a SoundProof project. (2012)

Elainie Lillios, DMA
Professor of Composition
Coordinator of Music Technology
Bowling Green State University, Ohio


​I enjoyed the concert [at EMM]. It provided a nice variety of material and was expertly performed. Your spoken word piece was very interesting. I was intrigued by how manipulating the controllers impacted the piece. (2012)

Julius Bucsis, composer
New Jersey


SoundProof provided an exciting and rich musical and educational experience. (2011)

Jeffrey Stolet, PhD
Professor of Music
Director, Future Music Oregon
University of Oregon
Eugene OR


​SoundProof was superb both in concert and in masterclass; several students were still talking about it long after the festival passed. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and your professionalism throughout the process. (2011)

Bruce Hamilton, DM
Associate Professor of Music
Director of WWEAMS / BEAF
Western Washington University
Bellingham WA


​… expressive, excellent performance. (2010)

Pauline Oliveros

​Brian Belet lives in Campbell, California (USA), with his partner and wife Marianne Bickett. He performs with the ensemble SoundProof using Kyma, viola, and bass. His music is recorded on the Centaur, Capstone, Frog Peak Music, IMG Media, Innova, SWR Music/Hänssler Classic, and the University of Illinois CD labels; with research published in Contemporary Music ReviewOrganised SoundPerspectives of New Music, and Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference. To finance this real world Dr. Belet works as Professor of Music at San Jose State University.

Rehearsing at KISS 2015

SoundProof performing at Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival [BEAF 2011]

Comments Testimonials  from past gigs:

All KISS 2015 photos by Belinda Carr.

Performing at 'Future Music Oregon' (2011)

Composers interested in writing new music for SoundProofshould read the following posted PDF document (available for download and printing).

Performances by duos and solos within the ensemble:
Tessellation Rag (S. Ruppenthal & B. Belet, 2012)
Stephen Ruppenthal & Brian Belet, voices & iPad Kyma control
Recorded live in concert, KISS 2012, St. Cloud St. Univ., MN
September 14, 2012 (premiere)

Lyra (B. Belet, 2002)
Patricia Strange, violin
Recorded at Big Red Studios, Bainbridge Island, WA, 2006

Post-concert photo with Elainie Lillios and Jeff Stolet
'Future Music Oregon' (2011)

Performing at University of Cincinnati, OH (2012)

Information for Composers :

Autumn 2012 Midwest Tour

Concert and masterclass
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH
October 1, 2012

Concert and masterclass
College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati OH
October 4, 2012

Ohio University, Athens OH
October 9, 2012

Opening Concert
Electronic Music Midwest festival [EMM 2012]
Lewis University, Romeoville, IL
October 11, 2012

Rehearsing with Mark Phillips, KISS 2015

Brian Belet

SoundProof at KISS 2015

Brian Belet

Performing #Carbonfeed with Jon Bellona

SoundProof performance history

Spring 2011 Northwest ('Sasquatch') Tour

​‘Future Music Oregon’ concert
University of Oregon, Eugene OR
April 30, 2011

Kyma master classes, University of Oregon, Eugene OR
May 2, 2011

Concert and lecture/demo
Portland State University, Portland OR
May 3, 2011

Concert and lecture/demo
Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival [BEAF]
Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
May 7, 2011

KISS 2015, Bozeman, MT, August 2015

Premiered eight new compositions over four days.
Presented workshop on performance techniques.

SoundProof at KISS 2015
L-R: Stephen Ruppenthal, Patricia Strange, & B. Belet

Who are we? SoundProof origins and artistic focus )

Formed in 2009, SoundProof is an extensible performance trio with Patricia Strange (violin), Stephen Ruppenthal (trumpet, flugelhorn, text-sound composer), and Brian Belet (viola, bass, & Kyma processing). The ensemble's mission is to explore the creative and interactive potential in the convergence of sound, music, performance, and technology. Drawing from the wealth of late 20th-century and current 21st-century sources, SoundProof events realize new possibilities for sound and music, blending the traditions of contemporary performance with the exigencies of real-time digital processing.

Patricia Strange

Butterfly Mirrors (Mara Helmuth, 2012)
Full ensemble
Recorded live in concert: University of Cincinnati, OH
October 4, 2012 (premiere)

Misty Magic Land (Allen Strange, 2004)
Full ensemble
Recorded live in concert: EMM 2012, Lewis Univ., IL
October 11, 2012

Strange Strings Trumpelt in a Pocket (Bruno Liberda, 2012)
​Full ensemble
Recorded live in concert, EMM 2012, Lewis Univ., IL
October 11, 2012

Biographical Statements :

SoundProof Ensemble

Performing Road to Bozeman with Michael Wittgraf

(Updated: November 2015)

Composer - Performer - Sound Designer

Audio Excerpts

Patricia Strange has been at the leading edge and creative forefront of contemporary violin performance for many decades. Her playing and interpretations have continually re-defined the musical possibilities of extended violin performance techniques. Along with her late husband, Allen Strange, she co-authored the book The Contemporary Violin; Extended Performance Techniques, published by Scarecrow Press in 2001. She co-founded two live electronic music ensembles, BIOME and The Electric Weasel Ensemble which toured the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. She currently lives on Bainbridge Island, WA where she continues to perform and teach.

Composer/performer Stephen Ruppenthal is Principal Trumpet and Contemporary Music Advisor for Redwood Symphony. Stephen has been Guest Artist-in-Residence at numerous universities in the US, and taught Electronic Music Studio Arts and Composition at the Center for Experimental and Interdisciplinary Art (SFSU). Stephen was a founding member of the Electric Weasel Ensemble, and appeared with EWE and other groups in the USA and abroad, including “President’s Breakfast” at the New Music Festival. Stephen is also known for his performances and writings on text-sound composition.  Stephen is currently recording a collection of new trumpet and electro-acoustic commissions by Larry Austin, Brian Belet, Elainie Lillios, Allen Strange, and Dan Wyman. He performed Strange’s Velocity Studies V: NGate for the SEAMUS Electro-Acoustic Music Festival (included on New Music from SEAMUS, Volume 18), and performed Belet’s System of Shadows for trumpet and Kyma at EMM 2008, SEAMUS 2009, ICMC 2010, and the 2010 Kyma International Symbolic Sound Conference (Vienna). In addition, Stephen premiered Elainie Lillios’ November Twilight at numerous venues including the 2012 ICMC Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia.​